About Us: Our dedicated staff

If you're looking for information about our organization in general, we suggest you visit our front page instead. This page is specifically about our two staff members, Anand K. and Missy L.

Staff Writer and Recruiter: Missy L.

The newer half of Limestone Rock, Missy is from the hard rock hub of Connersville, Indiana. Living there her whole life and graduating from Connersville High School in 2004. Connersville, a little city about an hour east of Indianapolis, is full of aspiring musicians -- it's no surprise then that growing up around music, she got into wanting to help the local bands around her town. At the age of 18, Missy started working with local band 7 Days Away (7DA), booking and promoting their shows, then eventually became a drum tech and roadie. "Those guys are practically family, I'd do anything for them," she says.

Now at the age of 26, Missy has went from promoting local bands from her town to promoting bands of Indiana and surrounding areas. (Not that she's ignoring Connersville's rock scene or anything -- She just got her "family" at 7 Days Away into LRN in early 2012!!). With the help of her friend Justin, she is running the Facebook page Local Music Scene. "We do whatever we can to help spread the word about local bands and local shows. There are a lot of local bands out there that no one has heard of and we are here to find them and help spread the word about them," she says. Justin subsequently described Missy as "Beast".

Missy likes a wide range of music genres, stating that her favorite bands/artist are Breaking Benjamin, Tool, Hollywood Undead, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, Tech9, and Yiruma to name a few. "I'll listen to anything at least once," she says. Even Missy's friends note her for her incredible taste in music and they always ask her advise on new bands to listen to.

Missy is our lead for recruiting bands (especially in eastern Indiana) and will be a staff writer. She is planning on going to college sometime soon for Artist Management and Recording.

Missy's favorite musician quote: "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain" - Bob Marley

Founder, Technical Manager, and Promotions Producer: Anand K.

Anand was the man who started it all here at LRN. He got his musical start at the age of 2 in 1985, while living in Athens, Georgia, banging pots and pans together to the likes of local bands such as R.E.M. and the B-52s. There, he learned the importance of local music, as well as the importance of giving one's parents major headaches.

Anand moved to the Indianapolis area in 1994 in 7th grade, and developed some more musical talent playing the trumpet in middle and high school bands at the Westfield-Washington school district north of Indy, going on to win state honors at the Indiana State School Music Association competition. A couple years later, whilst attending Westfield High School (Go Shamrocks!), he met Caleb Scates (now of the Limestone Rock band Radio Fallout) and Brian Lenington (now of the Limestone Rock band I-Exist). Of course, back in 9th grade, Caleb and Brian weren't the rockers they are today, but you get the idea!

He eventually graduated from high school at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis (go Braves!) and later got his undergraduate degrees in Molecular Biology and German Language in 2004 from Case Western Reserve University (go Spartans!) in the rock capital of Cleveland, Ohio. Delving into German is what initially caught his sights on the heavy metal and hard rock scenes -- banging his head to epic German-language metal acts such as Rammstein and Megaherz throughout college, the genre eventually got the best of him. "I'd never thought I'd find myself a rock/metalhead -- while growing up in Georgia as a young kid, I felt that even Bon Jovi was too hard for me -- but look whom I'm promoting now! And I LOVE it!!"

During and after college, several jobs in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries familiarized Anand with the basics of FDA-spec technical writing, which is about as strict as writing gets. Anand moved back to his roots in Indiana and decided that the local flourishing rock music scene needed a bit of a boost, and started the Limestone Rock Network in order to promote Indiana's bands to the world.

Not only does Anand manage LRN, he also maintains its technical backbone (i.e. this here website) and finds promotion leads. He's now doing a Master's degree in Information Science at Indiana University-Bloomington (Go Hoosiers!) in the fall of 2011, all the while continuing to help manage the Limestone Rock Network outfit.

Anand's favorite musician quote: "Either we're on the brink of doing something incredible, or we're on the brink of world destruction." -- Stephen, lead singer of Anberlin

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