Our Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, and the rest of America's Heartland

Of course, no promotions producer in his or her right sense would try and make a website without waxing fantastic about the locale and its music scene.

We are based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, a city of over 800,000 people with a metropolitan population of nearly 2 million residents. Indianapolis is approximately a 3 hour drive southeast of Chicago, the urban hub of our region, the "Midwest", in the north-central part of the country, and is also the seat of the "Heartland", the central US as a whole. "Indy" (or "Naptown", for IndiaNAPolis), as locals know it, is considered by some the most "normal" city in the USA, but don't let that fool you... we're anything but boring!

Indy itself is quickly evolving to become an urban hub in its own right, especially as it comes to music... and moreso as it comes to rock music. Quite possibly America's next Athens or Austin with many nights a difficult choice as to which local rock band's concert to attend (!), "Naptown" has been waking up with some serious noise the past few years. Noise in the form of rock music, that is. The historic musical styles of "Naptown Jazz" and "Naptown Blues" have made their impression very well over the past hundred years, certainly, and an already vibrant dance club scene is based in the northside district of Broad Ripple as well as the city's downtown. And now, the up and coming independent rock scene developing on the north and south sides of the city cannot be ignored.

In fact, parts of Indy's rock scene -- including bands affiliated with Limestone Rock -- have already gained national attention: I-Exist's hit single "Firefly" was featured on the soundtrack to the hit 2010 Halloween flick "Saw-3d" and garnered rave reviews from critics across the world.

Remember that we at Limestone Rock support bands from all over the Midwest and Heartland, and the rest of our area can't be ignored! The Midwest in general is also a major musical talent incubator. Nearby Chicago, credited with the invention of the electronic "House" music genre, has also given us the national acts OK-Go and Chevelle, while Gary in Indiana's northwestern corner was the birthplace and childhood home of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and a small town in southern Indiana gave rise to the talented singer/songwriter John Cougar Mellencamp. The midwestern city of Detroit, Michigan (known worldwide on the music scene as "Motown") has given rise to countless acts, more recently the hard rock outfit The White Stripes and the sensational rapper Eminem, and has been turning out world-class hard rock, R&B, hip-hop, and rap acts for over 50 years. The city of Ann Arbor just an hour west of it holds the bragging rights as the home for the alternative metal wonder Taproot.

As for the rest of the "Heartland", we must give credit to it containing the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas, which also plays host to one of our own bands, Radio Fallout. Other important Heartland music destinations include Nashville, Tennessee, a major hub for country and folk music, and Cleveland, Ohio, another major rock hub (where the term "Rock 'n Roll" itself was coined!).

So there you have it. Indianapolis, the Midwest, and the Heartland: The newest seats of America's music scene.

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