Statement of committment to equality (our organization's policy)

As most of America recalls, governor Michael Pence of Indiana passed in March 2015 a bill that would allow businesses and corporations to actively discriminate against people on basis of religious grounds so that some proprietors could exercise the so-called right to deny service or employment to people they did not like, meaning chiefly the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender (GLBT) community was severely affected.

UPDATE (Apr 2015): Governor Pence has helped modify the law in order to protect the rights of discriminated groups (including the rights of GLBT individuals). We at LRN hope that the Government of the State of Indiana continues to uphold its values of civil rights for all!

Limestone Rock Network does NOT and will NEVER discriminate upon band members' ethnicity, religion, sexuality, tattoo preference, or any other facets of personal life. While we do require that our bands rock out, that's all we require. Civil rights come first as always and we hope that bands from inside and outside Indiana continue to be interested in this label and not shovel us off because of a dumb (and now undone, thankfully) action of some politician. #donotboycottindiana!!

Thank you for respecting our statement (and the civil rights of everybody in our State and at LRN), and please rock on!

--Limestone Rock Network Staff