The Vintage Union

Based: Indianapolis, Indiana

Genres: Blues-Rock, Hard Rock, Rock 'n Roll

Band Members: Jon Korty (Vocals, Guitar); Noah Adamson (Vocals, Bass); Nic George (Drums/Percussion)

The bluesiest member of our network (but by far not the youngest), The Vintage Union (aka TVU) has its roots dating back several years ago when vocalist Jon Korty met up with percussionist Nic George and had some jam sessions together.

Unfortunately their interests were soon stymied when Jon decided to go off to college and Nic decided to join the US Air Force. However, that didn't stop either's musical ambitions. Fast forward to the winter of 2009. Nic and Jon got back to jamming together again, and Nic utilized the excellent social network known as his workplace to recruit a bassist, Noah Adamson. This all fortunately culminated in the release of their first album, "Happy High", in August 2010.

The band describes their own sound as "aimless", but don't let that fool you into thinking they've got no goals (or unique sound, for that matter). Ever so slightly distorting their guitars in order to intensify your typical blues, TVU does indeed have a very unique sound, one that's still rock 'n roll but carries a relaxed, bluesy pitch to it. And to top it all off, it's not angsty, it's relaxed and bluesy in the happy sort of way! Comparisons? Try bands ranging from the Aussie hard rock from Queens of the Stone Age and JET all the way to America's own blues outfit White Denim. And the list goes on.

We here at Limestone Rock are extremely proud and happy to have TVU with us: Compared to mainstream rock, their sound is groundbreaking, going into a more jazz and blues style that is new to us (although nothing new to Naptown!). Nonetheless, they still keep that rock going, which is why we're proud to have them here! Check 'em out using the links below!!

--Anand K., Limestone Rock Network

Links about The Vintage Union:

Official TVU Website

TVU Songs/Videos - Scroll down to the bottom of the page to listen to tracks from their album "Happy High"!

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