Based: Los Angeles, California

Genres: Alternative, Pop-Metal, Progressive, Technocore

Band Members:
Guitar & Vocals: Daniel David
Bass: Steven Miller
Drums: Branden Bright

Band Bio:

We launched LRN in 2010 with the aim of competing with bands out of California. In a sense, we were wrong. It's better, Anand and Missy are finding out, to cooperate with musical titans based out there. California's own state rock is limestone. Coincidence? Probably. If you recall from over 3 years ago, our very own second member (Radio Fallout) happens to be from another music scene (Austin, TX) that doesn't need much help. Unsurprisingly, Texas's official state rock is limestone, but I digress.

So, enter Spence from stage left (i.e. the West Coast). Bravely on one of the most competitive indie rock scenes there is (LA), Spence, lead by frontman Daniel David, delivers a variety of rock that's best categorized as unclassifiable. Not settling for entering the manufactured music industry that surrounds them, their philosophy is to make music that "no one can understand". Unfortunately, we here at LRN do understand their music, but that's okay, we're used to dealing with epic indie bands.

The coolest part? This band is arriving out East for January 2014, with a tentative date in Indianapolis for the 19th at the Melody Inn!***

Again, please welcome with a good dose of Hoosier Hospitality another non-Hoosier member who still rocks out in a style suitable for Limestone Rock Network!

--Anand K., Tech & Promotions Manager


Official Band Site
Spence on ReverbNation
Spence on Facebook

***NOTICE: Limestone Rock Network does not guarantee show dates/times/locations. Please check with the band's website or with the venue if you are interested in attending. Thank you!

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