Based: Indianapolis, Indiana

Genres: Hard Rock, Experimental Metal, Death Metal, You Name It

Band Members:

Bobby Ingals, James Cook, Tom Hunt, Tony Jackson

Band Bio:

Ready to rock out with old-fashioned hard rock with wicked twists at every corner? Shed, a member who joined us in mid-2013, is there to serve LRN as well as willing listeners!

While Shed has its roots in old-fashioned hard rock, it's definitely with not just hard rock. A totally unique meld of genres to us, we quite frankly struggled to categorize them... which is a good thing!!! They've got a kick of real rock like fellow LRN bandRadio Fallout, but also have tossed in techno and screamo elements that resemble those of I-Exist or Rituals.

If you want a comparison to manufactured music from LA/NYC/Nashville, maybe it's best to call Shed a fusion of Nickelback, Staind, and Breathe Carolina. And that's just their song "Am I"!!! We can't emphasize enough about what a mix of genres these guys truly are.

We appreciate this diverse addition to LRN, and hope you, the listener and music fan do as well! To check out their music, please use the links below!

--Anand K., Tech & Promotions Manager


Official band website

Shed on ReverbNation

Shed's Facebook page

Limestone Rock Network, LLP :: Indiana's State Rock

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