September Sky

Based: Indianapolis, Indiana

Genres: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Inspirational Rock, Experimental Rock

Band Members:
Larry Craig (Guitar), Scott Bernhardt (Vocals), Jeff Reagan (Bass), Martin Baker (Drums)

Band Bio:

Much like fellow Limestone Rock bands Outer Sanctum and I-Exist, a lot of the focus in September Sky's music is not just on their sound, but also on their words. Highly existential and spiritual in nature (just like those aforementioned counterparts), September Sky's music explores the pain of the human condition -- and perhaps how we can restore ourselves. Call them philosophers armed with guitars (and other heavy metal instruments!).

Of course their lyrics are paired with some serious rock music, and in this case, their style tends somewhat towards standard alternative metal, but with experimental twists of guitar solos, soliloquys, and other things one doesn't expect to find in modern metal. The end result is a somewhat more existential version of Earshot (if you ask me), with definite influences from mainstream bands such as Staind and Disturbed.

Overall, the music from their debut EP "Bright Sides to Dark Days" (released August 2010) brings in familiar sounds, but lyrically, a new perspective on life. You certainly haven't given these guys a good consideration until you've previewed their music!

--Anand K., Limestone Rock Network

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