Radio Fallout

Based: Austin, Texas

Genres: Hard Rock, Alternative Rock

Band Members:
Caleb "that's Scates with a C" Scates (vocals, guitar), Dan Walker (bass), Jonathan Palmer (drums).

First off, a huge thanks to Radio Fallout (aka RF) for being one of our first members!

Band Bio:

Lead singer Caleb "that's Scates with a 'C'" Scates got his degree in astrophysics... yep that's right, astrophysics, from Purdue University in 2004. However, instead of going on to develop the world's largest hadron collider, nearly destroying the universe, and gaining a great deal of embarrassment when the media inevitably misspells the term 'hadron', Scates wisely set his sights on music and founded Radio Fallout (RF).

Since 2008, Scates' talent in songwriting won him multiple awards before he even formed a band. First forming an outfit known as The Mondegreens (titular to RF's EP, by the way) just over the state line in Cincinnati, Ohio, Scates then decided to move down to Texas, using a car with dubious reliability (something I don't recommend, by the way). He later recruited bassist Dan Walker and drummer Jonathan Palmer (things I do recommend, by the way), fully forming what is now known as RF.

In March 2010, RF released their first EP, "Mondegreen", to critical acclaim (even in Austin's rather competitive music scene!). The release of their second album, "Vox E Tenebris", a more anticipated event than the God-particle created by the hard... erm, hadron collider, happened in March 2012. The song "Lux E Tenebris" was chosen by the band as their first single off the album and has also enjoyed great success, mixing good old-fashioned laidback rock and roll with an addictive and progressive bent.

--Anand K., Limestone Rock Network

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