Based: Indianapolis, Indiana

Genres: Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, Reggae/Fusion

Band Members:
Jason Milbourn (bass, vocals), Kit Haymond (guitar, vocals), Matt Green (Drums).

First off, a huge thanks to Pressed In Black for being one of our first members!

Band Bio:

Honestly I had no idea how to categorize Pressed In Black (PIB) when I first heard their hit track "Spindrift". Another alternative rock band going by the way of Coldplay? Nope. Upon further listening, PIB's sound encompasses many sounds -- the band says they combine three musical methods, and I'll let them keep which methods they use a secret.

All I know is that as I listened to more of their songs ("A Better Asylum" and "Get Away") I realized that PIB had its roots in good old hard rock, with a twist of course, throwing in riffs more comparable to Breaking Benjamin than to Motley Crue at you when you least expect them. This extremely creative and talented act has been entertaining crowds across Indiana around since 2008, shaping the face of rock itself, something that's no easy task.

Oh yeah, did we mention, PIB finally placed itself on iTunes late in 2012, with the release of their album Chuckwagon Theater and the hit reggae-rock single "Palooka Beach". Watch out, California!!!

--Anand K., Limestone Rock Network

More about Pressed In Black:

PIB is now on iTunes!!!
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