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Outer Sanctum

Based: Indianapolis, Indiana

Genres: Alternative Metal, Christian & Spiritual Rock

Band Members:
Jonathan Acker (Vocals), Mark Lentz (Guitar), Dustin Bailey (Guitar), Tony Sadler (Bass), "Metal" Dan McCrary (Drums).

First off, a huge thanks to Outer Sanctum for being one of our first members!

Band Bio:

Outer Sanctum (OS) was founded in 2008 as a Christian heavy metal group, deriving their sound from nu-metal groups such as Breaking Benjamin, System of a Down, and Submersed. The band's mission isn't just to "preach to the choir" as many Christian bands do, but also to spread the basic values of Christianity to the world in a genre that is often filled with anger and vice. In contrast to much of their genre, Outer Sanctum's lyrics, following on the heels of those of the similar bands Submersed and Skillet, deliver a message of hope and peace that people of any (or no) faith often sympathize with and can understand.

In order to achieve this goal, OS doesn't just play at churches and Christian music festivals. They bring their spiritual message to rock venues across the state of Indiana and the rest of the midwestern US in order to let us know exactly how they feel, performing alongside similar-sounding acts and in front of an entirely different crowd as compared to their fellow Christian bands.

OS released their first recorded EP, a self-titled album, in late 2010. In the spring of 2011, this was followed up by the digital release of the EP for sale on Apple's iTunes.

--Anand K., Limestone Rock Network

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