Kidd Comet

From: Indianapolis, Indiana (amongst other areas)

Genres: Hard Rock, Glam Rock, British Invasion/Revival, Rock and Roll

Kidd Comet (KC), the second band of Limestone Rock to not have been from Indiana (originally, at least), is nonetheless an act that has aged to perfection, being around since 1988, back when Anand and Missy were nothing but... kidds!

Led by vocalist Casey Michels, KC has been bringing the sound of British Invasion and Glam Rock to the US since their inception around 1988 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Later on, they, as many bands, mistakenly found themselves at the bastion of music known as Los Angeles. Tired of the City of Angels and wanting to move some place friendlier, Casey brought the band to Indianapolis in the early 1990s.

Glam Rock's glamour may have faded away around the time KC moved to Indy, but KC and their Glam Rock-British Invasion sound haven't. While we could call them a Glam Rock/British Invasion revival band... well, they were around when Glam and Brit Invasion were hot... so perhaps it's more appropriate to call them Keepers of Glam Rock and British Invasion style music!

Make no mistake though -- While "Blue Angel Nights" sure is a classic Glam/Brit song, KC is ready to put out at a moment's notice music of other rock genres, ranging from jazz and blues to good old fashioned knock yer socks off hard rock!!

In any event, Kidd Comet still rocks out as a heartland band, which is why we're happy to have them on board!!!

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