Based: Indianapolis, Indiana

Genres: Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Dance Metal/Technocore, Power Metal, Sheer, Epic Metal

Band Members:
Brian Lenington (Lead Vocals, Synth), Buddy Jackson (Guitar, Vocals), Jon (Bass), Cameron (Drums, Vocals)

News: I-Exist is on tour in 45 cities nationally from April through May, 2015. Find out more >>>

Band Bio:

"Neat, you guys should be on Vans Warped Tour or something", said our Tech and Promo Manager Anand to I-Exist's lead singer, Brian Lenington, sometime in 2010. Turns out that three years later, they actually did go on to play at Vans's Warped Tour after winning the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands. +1 for I-Exist; WIN!

Anyways, now that we're over the glory of having helped I-Exist get a spot on Vans, back to their regularly scheduled bio.

Started off sometime around 2007, I-Exist is an existentialist band headed by Brian Lenington on lead vocals and keyboard. What do I mean by "existentialist"? Their lyrics center on the core of all of us -- our existence. Plain and simple. Want a comparable band lyrically? Try The Exies, perhaps.

In contrast to The Exies' hard rock bent, though, I-Exist's existentialist mantra was paired with a pounding, thrashing death metal and technocore beat in most of their songs on their first CD release, "Within Imagination" (2009).

Taking a break to tour, the band then released a sheer, epic series known as Humanity, consisting of 4 EPs released in March, June, September, and December 2012. Humanity saw a transition from their thrash/screamo style to a more techno-heavy melodic metal, putting I-Exist somewhere between Stabbing Westward and a male-led version of Nightwish. Pounding 180BPM speed metal rhythm? Check. Soaring, epic beautiful choruses? Check. Enya-like international-flavored beats in hard rock style? Check. Sick dubstep breakdowns? Check. Amazing music? Seriously guys, you might want to check out their music online if you're interested.

Humanity was followed up by not (yet!) more music, but an epic music video for the series's first hit single, "Giving My Life" (Vol. I). I-Exist was not content to simply settle for a music video in the conventional sense. This particular movie is over 7 minutes long and features a plot, first-person points of view from the band, genuine staged actors, wicked SFX, and... of course, the epic hit song!! The video is embedded below or can be accessed directly on YouTube.


Erm, back to the band again...!

I-Exist is no stranger to the world music scene, either. Their hit single "Firefly" was featured on the soundtrack to the hit 2010 Halloween thriller "Saw-3d". March 2011 saw them embark on the "Reality Tour", a tour that included a gig at the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas. As if that weren't enough, the Humanity series attracted the attention of... get this... a California-based producer who produced for fellow Heartland-based band TrustCompany, just 500 miles south of us in Alabama.

We here at LRN truly believe that I-Exist knows what they're doing, and that they will make it big, right here in Indiana, helping (along with many other independent Indianapolis bands) lead Naptown's music scene back to glory!

--Anand K., Limestone Rock Network

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