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Band :: Rituals

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Alternative Metal, Dance-Metal/Technocore, , Groovesauce

Band :: Pressed In Black

Location: Shelbyville, Indiana

Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, Experimental Rock/Metal

Band :: September Sky

Location: Brownsburg, Indiana

Heavy Metal, Inspirational, Experimental Rock/Metal

Band :: Radio Fallout

Location: Austin, Texas

Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Rock and Roll

Band :: 7 Days Away

Location: Connersville, Indiana

Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, Acoustic Rock

Band :: Outer Sanctum

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Alternative Metal, Inspirational, Christian/Spiritual

Band :: I-Exist

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Emo/Screamo, Dance-Metal/Technocore, Alternative Metal, Experimental Rock/Metal, Sheer, Epic Power Metal

Band :: The Vintage Union

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Jazz-Rock/Fusion, Rock and Roll

Band :: Kidd Comet

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

British Invasion/Revival, Glam Rock, Rock and Roll, Hard Rock

Band :: Spence

Location: Los Angeles, California

Alternative Rock, Pop-Rock, Acoustic Rock

Band :: Shed

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Hard Rock, Experimental Rock/Metal, Glam Rock, Emo/Screamo

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