WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING INTERESTED BANDS (PLEASE READ FAQ BELOW and then email us at "interested" at (limestonerock) dot "net".)!

"Just the FAQs"

Q: So what is the Limestone Rock Network (LRN), exactly?

A: Simply put, we're a rock band promotional group dedicated to promoting rock bands from Indiana and the rest of America's heartland to the rest of the world through partnerships with various media outlets. We are NOT any sort of conventional record agency, and most importantly, respect your right to keep your own copyrights on your own music. In short, we're basically an indie Indiana "un-label".

Q: Who's in LRN right now?

A: We currently have NINE totally rockin' bands in our lineup. You can visit our bands' pages to find out more about bands currently affiliated with us.

Q: Why form a group like this?

A: Simply put, STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. We know it's hard for you to promote your band to the world, which is why we're trying to get every rockin' band from the heartland together in unison.

Q: What are the prerequisites for joining?

A: As a ROCK music promotional group (as our name indicates), you and your band need to be into music that rocks out...whether on stage or on the dance floor. We seek a diversity in rock music; our current repertoire ranges from the blues and jazz rock from The Vintage Union to the extremely diverse electronic rock of I-Exist to the thrashing death metal from Rituals. You/your band members must also be sole copyright holders on the music you wish to promote. Limestone Rock isn't a copyright-holding record label. We do ask that you have studio-recorded tracks (or will have some in the coming months) and your permission to distribute samples of them, as that is what we'll be promoting you with. We strongly prefer bands from Indiana and surrounding regions of the American Heartland, but will certainly consider bands from anywhere in the USA.

Q: How will my band be "promoted"?

A: Your band will be promoted by us sending (with your permission) samples of your music to the promotional venue/s of your choice. To read about types of partners we intend to cater to, please see partnerships page.

Q: Is this any sort of label?

We did call ourselves an "un-label" earlier. While we at Limestone Rock will never own your copyrights as a conventional record label would, we suppose that you could brand yourself as a part of the "Limestone Rock Network" if you wanted to (that is... if you join!).

Q: Okay, this is the real important part. How much is this gonna cost me?

A: Here at Limestone Rock, we understand that as a band, you're probably on a tight budget. And as a promotions agency, our budget isn't the world's biggest, either. Just being a member and letting us spread the word about you will be absolutely free, since you're cool that way. The only things we charge for are participation in promotions (other than this website), and you won't be charged anything without your permission and having been given a quote in advance.

Q: My band is/I'm interested in joining, but we've already got a manager/booking agent/etc. Can we still be in?

A: Absolutely. Limestone Rock isn't about your usual band management, and it has little to do with booking your musical group at a live venue. We maintain no exclusive rights over anything (music, graphics, etc.) you submit to us. Nonetheless, please speak with your manager regarding joining us (it might be helpful to show him or her a copy of this FAQ -- in fact, you can even view a printable version of this FAQ!)

Q: Nifty. How do I join?

A: Just shoot off an email to "interested" at "limestonerock" dot (net). Include some links to your music, Facebook page, your own website, and whatnot. Representing the best ROCK the Heartland has to offer, we do require that you ROCK OUT! Which is why we're called Limestone ROCK anyways.

Q: I get the "ROCK" part, but... why "Limestone"?

A: Limestone is the state ROCK of Indiana, USA, which is where we're based and most of our bands come from. =)

FAQ last updated 6 Apr 2012.

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