Welcome to the website of the Limestone Rock Music Network, the music "un-label" of Indianapolis, Indiana, run by a dynamic duo whose passion is local music.

Forget about the bands' music copyrights being owned by anybody but the bands themselves. That's no fun. Owning your music is expensive for us and you probably need it more than we do! We don't deal in graphic design or general band merchandise, either -- there are definitely other places that do that sort of stuff for you. Nor is our primary goal to book bands (on the local scene, at least!).

Our primary goal is to showcase the best ROCK music Indiana and the rest of the Heartland has to offer... to the world!!!

How do we do this? Well, this website here is one part. But what's more important is that as the days go by, more and more consumer products (software, games, and even workout routines) are "powered by music". Our primary goal is to show off our local bands through similar various consumer products and promotions. This is a goal we can't achieve without strength in numbers with the help of local bands!

We also have charitable goals in mind. Ever hear the term "Rock is dead"? If you think about it, that is just SO 2000. It's 2018 -- well into a new decade, and ROCK is making a sheer, EPIC comeback to bars, tours, games, products, clubs, and even dancefloors across the world! We advocate ROCK. And the oddball town at the forefront of rock's much-deserved comeback? Not LA, not Cleveland, not Seattle, and not really even Austin*... the up and coming king of the rock scene in the 2010s is truly Indianapolis, Indiana. Yep, you heard right. "Naptown, USA" is waking up with some serious noise, and we here at Limestone Rock (Limestone is Indiana's state rock, after all!) are at the forefront of it.

So, bands, we ask you: Do you own your own music? Do you want the world to hear you out? Please read our band FAQ page and send us an email if you're interested in joining.

And everybody else out there, we ask you: Are you willing to believe that rock ISN'T dead? Are you willing to believe that the comeback of rock-and-roll is centered in Indiana and America's Heartland? We sure hope so, and in the coming months, you'll find this out directly! Meanwhile, take a sneak peek at the bands we're currently promoting.

*DISCLAIMER: Those other towns are pretty cool in their own right, but they don't need as much promotion as Indianapolis does. =)

Limestone Rock Network, LLP :: Indiana's State Rock

Questions, comments, or need other info about us? Please don't hesitate to send us an email at (lrn) at (limestonerock) dot (net)!